Parents: Understanding the Internet

Growing up has taken on a whole new meaning in the Internet age. These days, kids are just as likely to socialize online as they are to meet at the mall or go to the movies. So it's critical for parents, guardians and other adults caring for kids to understand the Internet, and stay abreast of new technology and trends.

For instance: Did you know that more than half of teens have profiles on popular social networking sites such as MySpace and Facebook? Meanwhile, approximately 30 percent of adults - some parents among them - aren't online at all. The disconnect is troubling. The statistics are disturbing.

Surveys indicate the Internet poses serious risks for youth online ages 10 to 17:

  • One in seven has received a sexual solicitation or approach over the Internet.
  • One in three has had unwanted exposure to sexual material - pictures of naked people or people having sex.
  • One in 25 has received an aggressive sexual solicitation - someone asking to meet somewhere, calling on the phone or sending offline mail, money, or gifts.

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